A really awesome monthly magazine, you should subscribe. It's funny, has many excellent cartoons and great essays by regular contributors like Garrison Keillor and Dave Barry. With no advertisements. Highly recommended. And not just because I appear in it.
Great warehouse for humor blogs.
Interesting and funny website.
This monthly magazine covers the coastside of the SF Bay Area. From Pacifica to Santa Cruz, plus the Peninsula. Has some great articles and ads for local businesses. Wonderful guide for tourists and locals alike. Plus I'm in there monthly.
This is the annual arts and music festival held in Pescadero where I used to make an ass out of myself onstage for two straight days. All the profits go to the kids of Pescadero by way of scholarships and arts programs. Great music (lots of rock, some bluegrass and a wonderful Mariachi band) great food, amazing art, and vendors with hand-made crafts. It’s held the third weekend in August, has free admission and goes from noon to six. You should go. You’ll have a great time.

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